What is life without living?

“Progress always involves risk; you can’t steal second base and keep your foot on first.”– Frederick Wilcox

That which dwells within our own poignant nightmares hides our deepest fears. Even while we are awake, frightening remnants of various, imaginary terrors replay in our heads as we endeavor through life like random movie scenes, leaving deadly poison throughout the intertwining webs of our scattered perceptions, assiduously burning and abating away our neurological armor and leaving us exposed to fear–fear of what could be, fear of what could happen.

These mind-wrenching visions that insidiously emerge within us all pollute our reality, leaving some to be much too credulous of their own imaginations, and are so afraid of the many dangers that can occur in life that they will rather choose to live safely in fear of their possible nightmares until they eventually expire, then to live out their desires and dreams through the natural risks that accompany this world or perish attempting to achieve their own perceived pursuit of happiness–for we all know that there is no other method to achieve our genuine aspirations than taking risks and conquering the obstacles that appear within our journeys like stepping stones steadily climbing to our desires, and those with nothing to lose, those who have already experienced their deepest fears know that our only failure is to not try and follow our passions.

Those who let fear corrupt their lives become an eerie ghost of who they truly are, a hollow shell that has given up their true ambitions to simply survive on this world as long as they can without allowing any of their darkest premonitions to come to actualization, to them or their loved ones. They survive, as they have been told and educated to since birth; to pursue dead presidents on paper as next to Gods so they too can hope to gain more power over their lives, to pursue useless materials portrayed in the latest advertisements–clothes, jewelry and cars–as an apparatus of depicting the status of the higher class and the lower, and yet, the fearful ones never seem to reach satisfaction through all of these earthly riches without their true passion to pursue, and who can blame them? Beyond the veil of materialistic fixation and the ruthless hunt for monopoly, this is a perfect system as far back as history can record, and those who utilize and accept the current axiom of life–that currency in all its forms rules the world, that time, and your time equals currency, that one is worth a certain amount of currency, and that not everyone can be on the top of the hill, that one must succumb to society to live comfortably, that some must fail for others to succeed, that we cannot decide our own fate, but can only slightly alter its outcome–prove to survive and repopulate the Earth.

The ones who don’t follow this principle, those whose appearances, perceptions or infatuations don’t exhibit society’s desired standards are excoriated and attacked as if their different views make them any less of a sentient beings, and are made distant outcasts in a physical apartheid that reside upon the mental outer rims of the world, constantly compelled to think that their way of life is wrong, that being who you truly are or who you want to be is not beneficial to our survival. While some succumb to society’s insular rules of life to avoid being treated as a leper, others cannot live a life where they cannot be themselves,a rational, innate sense that we all possess,and give up living altogether–mentally or physically, or sometimes both. And thus, masks are often donned in this universal masquerade to conceal one’s true soul as a means to survive in this pseudo reality originated by history, the propensities of our past predecessors and the current global regime. But this fear that expeditiously cripples part of mankind and pressures them into a docile drone is something much deeper than just a natural instinct to survive in our environment.

What truly haunts us within the deepest crevices of our minds, is not a mere trepidation of the near future, obscuring present reality with our own imaginative, abysmal but often realistic perceptions of what is to come. What truly instills despair within our hearts is not simply ostensibly foreseeing the failure of one’s own ambitions, the death of one’s closest comrades, or the ceasing and fading away of one’s most cherished love, the ruthless ridicule and rout by one’s peers, the genocide of an entire nation, the slavery and perpetual oppression of multiple races deemed inferior by the masses of the officious, parochial bloodline–not even the world at war, with all of its desolation and bloodshed that will be reaped as the last days of humanity draw near its ephemeral threshold is what truly compels us to pray to a higher power we cannot know to exist, compels us to blindly follow others who offer a false sense of stability, security and sanity in return for one’s undying loyalty, support and servile obedience, compels us to perceive through a single point of view as if we were forced to peer through a fixed telescope, unable to look anywhere else into the cosmos.

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”– Oscar Wilde

No, that which compels us to sit idly by while the world is changing just beneath the thin, ethereal surface of lies and ignorance some cannot bring themselves to break is the universal theory that we cannot alter the course of the ordained fate that controls our lives, like perfidious puppeteers deciding whose curtain is closing, who is at the climax of their performance and who is just entering the stage; we are afraid of our lack of power, we are terrified that we cannot prevent these atrocious nightmares from happening once it happens. One already trembles at the thought of witnessing the death of a loved one without being able to do anything to change the scenario. When tragedy strikes, the ones that are left alive are forced to carry the heavy burden of the deceased until they too perish, all while knowing that they couldn’t have done a thing to prevent the chaos from ensuing. Or maybe they could, and must live knowing that they did not do everything in their own limitations to save their beloved, to stop a massacre from occurring, to make a positive impact on the world when the opportunity evoked our consciences.

Most cannot endure the inner turmoil if they were to try their best to achieve their most sought out ambitions they have been yearning for before their consciousness was even formed, only to have their dreams collapse on themselves like a dying star as they risk everything but meet absolute failure. Or when one loses their house, friends, job, and their entire life based on material gain and social status without being able to prevent their eviscerated decline, we fear that when a catastrophe begins, and they always do, our actions will be futile against the thrashing tides of our lives, and we will only be able to watch it happen and anxiously await the results.

We all try our best to make our individualistic desires a reality as much as we try to keep our nightmares from becoming a reality, but we are often met with the sheer fact that we cannot always control our destinies as much as we would like to (which is absolute control all the time). This repeated failure with no overt options to prevent future failures is what causes some of mankind to give up their ambitions and dreams, a dismal cycle that continues until death, a labyrinth that many cannot escape once they are engulfed in its hazy fog. And what of the ones who still attempt to reach their dreams, the ones who still constantly struggle to be themselves, to be free in a world of slavish adherence to the regime, the ones who still take the many risks essential to achieving their desires? Well some reach the divine satisfaction that we all seek, and some don’t, left to experience melancholy with every attempt. But alas, the ones who try are the only ones who have any hope to reach them. For what is life without risk, life without death, or life without living?

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