We are the observers, who stand in our isolated corners witnessing the world with such fervor, our minds assimilate the behaviors of humans under the transparent covers of our alienation to the orthodox standards of the society we are inadvertently enveloped around as if we were in a astonished

slumber, a weight we carry over our shoulders

yet we constantly attempt to reign over the Goliath that has

controlled us through propaganda in television, mail and videos

connecting through our internet servers. Our soliciting eyes

hover over the identities of the masses, we witness the dnymaic

struggles humans endeavor to just fantasize about their real

paradise as they do menial labor just to survive while the true

avaricious ones are in power using us as a lucrative income like

cattle or produce. We witness the ostensible masquerades that

humans frantically throw on like shining accouterments won in a

war, just to impress the powerful and corrupt so they might have

a chance at getting a minuscule morsel of power they posses, an

epicurean connoisseur that desires nothing but the most

exquisite control over their life, and don’t we all?  We witness the

murders committed and lives desolated at the hands of the

corporations who claim for world peace and equality, who claim

that their interests are for the people, yet propose and initiate an

antithesis. We witness the triumphs that the independent yet

organized masses have made over the corrupt, and salute them

in their journies just as we all must embark on to achieve our

individualistic pursuit of our dreams. However, we learn from

public society as our hearts grow colder. The observers know

reality as it is, and therefore, we are melancholic to realize what

the world has become. But as depression is always self-directed,

we are in constant disarray that we have not yet taken action

knowing the destructive behavior and diverse but myopic ideals

of our world; those who do nothing are just as guilty as the

corrupt. We witness the massacre of our people, of all people,

the greed, the tyranny, and yet we do nothing

because we are comfortable, because our own dreams are

achievable in this world by some slim serendipity occurring, a

miracle to be given such an advantage to achieve one’s

aspirations, maybe something more. But what good is there is to

have knowledge and not use it for the people? What good is a

voice if you can’t speak your mind to teach and collaborate with

our fellow citizens to create a true utopia only heard in fables

where all denizens of sentient life can be satisfied and content, or

is there a reason that this fantasy can only be envisioned in

stories and myths? As all minds are multiple cogs to an entire

machine, we must all learn and absorb information from each

other, shouldn’t we? For we all have a story to tell. But the wars

and lies desire to inspire

separation and close-minded beliefs. Patience beckons to every

man as they enter their threshold to their fate. It is predestined

that every human will have a different choice that they will have

to make, that the mountains quake before our minds that we

utilize to retaliate against the world we have dubiously agreed to

create. But as the sun seems to rise every day, humans also rise

and survive to seek their own freedom, their own happiness

through whatever apparatus that appears through our third eye.

And so in time, the observers, who have been standing behind

the veil of society, silently learning sporadic epiphanies and

expeditiously formulating our fundamental axioms, will rise like

the sun, and revolutionize the world, as we always have. And

soon, all of the humans will know our own race, that we are all

the same, that fear is merely a prediction of a fictitious date to

come, that all different paths humans choose are aspects of the

same truth that overlaps the intertwining destinies, and are proof

that we are in essence equal. As we all take a minute to witness

life, we are all observers, we must all make an impact to change

what we see, we must share and show the truths that life evokes

to instruct us whether in reluctant acquiescence, or by

joyful submission, a universal fact that we must all adhere.

As observers, we should not only see, but listen, and

act, help and guide our fellow brother through the turbulence that

threatens to destroy all that we have worked for like a

tempestuous storm that rampages throughout our lives, as we

await for the solution that may never come in time. But that is

why we are observers. We will patiently study and change the

world for the better, even if it means leaving parts of the world

alone, because we will learn and strive, as we always have

struggled to do, but this time, in peace.

Tell me what you think!

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