Let The Light In


People see the world through many different eyes, the life you see is not the same life I tend to see with mine, and in this result of contrasting worlds comes the very matrix of conflict and chaos in our kind, the beginning of our demise. Ignorance is like decadent, fine wine that obscures one’s psyche with their own version of ostensible lies after every drink, to lack the infinite knowledge of the universe and beyond space and time, yet still stick to one’s own way to think, as if it is their only lifeline–poison for the mind.


The diverse and dynamic culture of the human race has caused us all to adopt different perspectives of life as we conquer the plethora of environments we were compelled to embrace. Through scattered experiences that we face–tragedies, triumphs, and tribulations–many have gained a sort of a individual metanoia that allowed them to understand what they witnessed, to understand why it happened, to understand how the world functions. From the far east regions of Asia to the Caribbean islands, we all develop our minds through experience, education, environment and our own subtle intuitive touch that is produced from the enigma that is our souls, making us all unique and able to perceive life through many different windows, just as a ray of light shines through a window on a sunny, summer afternoon. But many tend to cover all but one window in their perpetual temple of their mind and soul, letting in only a single ray of light that enlightens them to one mere path of the world. But in order to understand one another, in order to have peace, we must open all the windows to our psyche, letting in all the light that struggles to invade our souls that transcend us to a whole new threshold of control and understanding, we must let go of our own stagnant fixed thoughts and beliefs that we have fought so long to gain and learn, we must understand that all paths of light are true, we must know that all paths of light are the same in essence. No matter what window we choose to look out through, no matter what ray of light we favor to bask in on a sunny summer afternoon, we must realize that reality and truth resides behind all windows of life, we must realize that all the luminous rays of light come from the same sun, just as we all hail from the same source. A moment’s reprieve, choose what you want to believe, what you perceive as good or bad, right or wrong, cure or disease, but acknowledge and be open to all beliefs, to all life before judging what is fiction and what is reality.

Tell me what you think!

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