All life is sacred(quotes)


“It doesn’t matter what people do in life, there is no right and wrong. But, killing is a grave sin, and when you kill—when you take a person’s life, you are evil. Everyone has their own loved ones, their own goals in life, their own obsessions that they yearn to pursue, and when you take a life, all of their goals and ambitions are terminated. We’re all travelling down life in search of our own desires, and in that essence, we are the same. Taking a life that is exactly like yours in this physical realm or maybe any other can never be justified; you have to accept that. A sin is a sin, kid. Taking another person’s life under the pretext of justice, revenge or just different beliefs will never make it appropriate.”

-Excerpt from action/coming of age fiction novel, The Life Of Dexter K. King: The Rise

The story is very suspenseful, filled with a lot of graphic action, love, drama, realistic and entertaining twists, carefully and well scripted dialogue and thought-provoking speeches that magically lift off of the book and become moving pictures as you read, and will have you hooked even after you finish reading the last page! A new legend is born!

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