Infinite Perception: The Life Of Dexter K. King


 “The life of a gangster is never as simple as good or bad, right or wrong, black or white–it’s about survival. It’s about power.”

The Life Of Dexter K. King: The Rise by Dekevin Arscott, out now!

The author creates a unique legend he weaves with spectacular, suspenseful and well-developed stories, and is accompanied by an array of insightful, complex and very likable characters. The author depicts a sinister and violently real criminal underworld thronged with prostitution, extortion, murders and drugs, and then places you in the body of a perspicacious, very open-minded teenager as he runs a colossal and organized criminal syndicate known as the Okami. He embarks on many adventures across the fictional city of Rockbell (positioned somewhere around South Florida, USA) that teach him that life is much more complicated than merely good and bad, evil or just. This book focuses heavily on the author’s vivid imagery and poetic writing style as he describes many action scenes as well as romance scenes that one can see perfectly in their head with every word, and is seamlessly fused with interesting philosophy about life, love, desire, choice and morality. Through the eyes of the young Dexter. K. King, the readers gain a new insight on not only the life of the modern criminal underworld, but on themselves as well because of the young man’s ideals and beliefs that he gains and contemplates as he is forced to do many dark and perceptibly unjust actions that he regrets such as killing a man or even lying to his one true love.

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