I dream in reality(ramblings)


I slowly shut my eyelids. I breathe and breathe deeply again once more, and then, I gently open my eyes to see the world

As the sky ultimately begins to rupture

the immense rift in the clouds resonate and expand

a gaping hole in our world appears as if from a puncture

and all I can do to as I witness the fear is merely stare, and stand

signs of death and destruction loom over Earth like a vulture

that soars over me as if it awaits the fated demise of a mortal man

a translucent veil covers the planet, life is stagnant like a sculpture

my body ceases its movement, yielding to fear’s crippling demand

but I madly struggle to move, to run, to escape, for this is my culture

I desire to control my life as if my soul was in the palm of my hand

as my limbs regain their control, so too does my mental structure

I was now drawn to the portal as if connected by a single strand

I dash towards the rift with no certainty that I will survive this venture

I lift off into the air, my feet speaks melancholic farewells to the land

as if planned a time ago that I would be depart on an adventure

a journey into another world unfolds, but I left footprints in the sand

of my native world that will tell my story when I’m gone in the future

I just hope that it will be in a language that everyone can understand

Tell me what you think!

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