What is love?


What is the esoteric enigma that we call love? How can one describe love in its most primal quintessence? How can we profusely exercise this word like our own dynamic muscle system and not know what it really means? Is love just pure kind affection, or is it maybe the unrelenting desire to be with one that makes you feel as if you were witnessing a mirror into your own soul whenever you see them, or is it also the infamous lust and envy, the intense hatred that one has for one another that desecrates the very sacred temples of ostensible, righteous, pure love that humans have professed and fundamentally engraved into history to be the truth? Does love cause peace as if we reside within the fabled heavens that are rumored to float above, or does love cause wars to erupt like volcanoes as it spans scorching infernos across the world like the catastrophes caused by Ragnarok–the entire world being destroyed as Gods battle over our planet? Does love cause hatred and grief, or does love cause happiness? In the deepest crevices of our minds, we strive to delve into the fathomless sea of secrets that the world seemingly endeavors to conceal from our pragmatic, naked eyes. Within this metaphysical abyss, love seems to be one of the most eluding concepts to explain as if it was not even lucid and real in the first place.The visceral fervor to find love has lead some to identify and create a dynamic plethora of various forms that people learn to perceive as love, and who can say anyone is wrong? Is loving inanimate objects such as money or jewelry true love? Is genuine love burrowing oneself into physical lust and sensual pleasure, is it conceding all oneself into a sole person for eternity–or rather, maybe for only an ephemeral paradise? Is love devoting oneself to an art or talent that transcends any feeling of satisfaction they could receive with anything else? Are all forms of love–even the most taboo forms that cause murder or the destruction of other people’s goals, dreams, their own loves–real, are they all equal? Is love just pure desire as we breathe and stay alive in this world? If so, just as our lives are controlled by our desires, does that make love everything we desire?

Tell me what you think!

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