Journeys: Free-verse


As I reside inside the esoteric abyss that was my mind, I delve into

the cerebral confines of my prodigious psyche, frantically searching

for the ostensible truth that lay behind the translucent veil that

shines just beneath my reach like a omnipotent treasure lying under

the beach, as I vociferously desired to find. Knowledge is my

spiritual shrine that I seek as every lesson life teaches until death

reaps the immaculate pieces of my life, mind and soul, just as a

puppeteer ultimately loses control and detaches his lines into the

creases of life’s threshold, only increasing the population’s

staggering toll and sending his minions on a destined trip to the

underground mines of the physical realm, and they eagerly await

their future as if their fate’s are paused–put on hold. What is the

the light that illuminates the shadows that dwell and pollute the

night, what makes the third eye–the pineal gland–gain so much

insight? As one continues to understand, one travels down the road

of an open-minded man and realizes that the answers to life is not

always black and white, that more than one path can come to

spontaneous fruition and take flight like a single strand of hair

derived out of a thousand, that there may not always be a sole lucid

reason, a wrong or a right. A Yin and Yang lies beneath every

treason for we all have rampant demons to battle and fight, and

as the natural world turns, one realizes that humans vary like the

very seasons, we all grow like a perpetual fire that forever burns.

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