I am


I am the cataclysmic clash of my sole spirit, synthesized

with the very veins that vividly surge throughout Earth and beyond.

Without the rest of the world, I am incomplete, only a limitless matrix

of abundant energy and power, waiting to be molded into its final version.

The obstacles, the emotions, even the subtle changes to my psyche after each

thought that provokes my mind, modifies my personality. With each experience,

I continue to grow, I continue to learn about the world that seems to have an

aching craving to teach me its own enigmatic mysteries.

And yet, even as the world’s own energy strive to envelop my real self, my soul

is unfazed. My independent entity keeps its primal code at its core, unable to be corrupted.

In essence, I am the ramification of the world as I see it. I am what the world creates, despises 

and desires. I am the voice of what my entity has endured, has embraced, and has endeavored to not only

survive, but to live as well. 

Behold, for I am the world.

Tell me what you think!

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