The trinity

As death approaches, so too does my destiny

the power of love, evokes the best in me

granting me clairvoyance, the almighty ability

to see what cannot be seen, to free what cannot be freed.

my earthly eyes are unable to conceive such an idea that’s

as boundless as the sea, of stars that  envelop our galaxy.

witness pure harmony at play, just as comets burst through space

day by day, I burst through reality, living in my dreams

What we perceive may not be what it seems

What you believe may not be what is real to me

our vision of the truth is fleeting

But through the subtle monocle of our third eye

illusion subsides, lies are brought to the light, and

the wisdom we seek stands before our presence to

speak, to breathe the essence of spiritual enlightenment

into our souls, because our minds are mental bowls to be

filled to the brim, but to no avail, for our chakras are endless,

only to be sealed by our own emotions, and they’re anxiously

waiting, waiting to creak open, bestowing its vast energy, upon us

for I am none other than the universe, and so are we,

mind, body and soul, we enter, the trinity.

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