You are none other than me..



Constricted in the far trenches that is my mind, I struggle,

as the fear continues to haunt the reckless spirit

that is mine, I sense trouble, instinctively.Reconsidering

each heavy step I take, attempting to not walk on a mine,

I’m rubble, after the explosive is released. And yet, I continue

to risk my life for freedom, free-doom, just to feel the power of

control spreading throughout my frantic fingertips. I desire to

display to the masses what my intricate psyche depicts. at the end

of my life, I want all of the world to witness this, the sporadic energy

that courses through my scattered veins, What do I predict?

None other than the coming of a new age, not only lead by me,

but led by I. Because I, am the world, the universe, and I am you.

Trapped within this condensed cage, and yet, I am liberated within

this soul, just as ink escapes onto a page. Why am I still hindered?

My questions induce my desperate rage. And then, the answer

strikes my brain like the liberty bell.To break the boundaries of our

limitations, we must all be free, because I am you, and you are none

other than me..


Life is corrupted by none other than greed. Indeed, self interest

is the way of the world, according to what, I see. Our chains must be unlocked

for everyone, choose what you believe. We must commence a vallant siege,

compelling the savage selfishness of the world to surrender with ease,

chopping off its abundant supply of hatred and ignorance. Realise that,

to be free, we must  all seize its opportunity. Together, not separately.

Our diverse culture originates from one, when terrifying shivers shudder through

our spines, we will not freeze. We will make it through the blizzard, all at once

or none at all. Because we are all one, just as I am you, and you are none

other than me..


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