What people afraid of


“What most people are afraid of is fear itself. Afraid of the future that we can’t predict with the best of our abilities. The unknown fills us with a bone chilling terror that devours us from the inside, and even the things we do have knowledge of, still petrify us. But don’t misunderstand what horror actually is, something we ourselves make.” Ray haughtily explained to a tiny group of toddlers that probably couldn’t even comprehend what Ray’s first sentence meant. Ray peacefully sighed and rested down in his tomato red, loveseat couch of the two story mansion he had purchased only two years ago. The three students who plopped themselves on the floor in front of him were amazed by his unorthodox philosophies, visiting him at least two times a day just to hear a few spoken words of wisdom they didn’t understand, and of course, to get free snacks and candy. “I’m not afraid of being afraid, Mr. Simmons!” One of the attentive children hollered with an ignited spark that resided in his dilated pupils. “I’m not afraid of anything!”

“I’m afraid of washing machines” The only girl of the trio confessed with a low murmur. “They just shake too much!” She added.

“Alright kids. It’s late. You guys should go to your parents now. They must be worried” The female voice echoed throughout the massive living room, and seemed to originate from the narrow, crimson hallways that led to Ray’s bedroom. With a kindhearted, dazzling smile, Ray’s wife appeared from the hallway. She wore a floral dress most of the days and would show her beautiful grin everywhere she went. The only time they would see a changed expression was when she was with Ray, which she was always laughing and had a different kind of smile around him. “C’mon Ms. King. Mr. King was about to tell us another poem.” The oldest child pleaded, frowning as much as he could to show Ms. Simmons he was serious. “It is late you know.” Ray agreed, rising up from the comfy couch and taking out a cellphone out of his suit pocket. “Besides, it’s time for me to go to work anyway.” He added.

“awww. Ok we’ll come tomorrow then!” The trio simultaneously replied.

“hah… you kids are really annoying huh” Ray rhetorically asked, looking seriously at first, then laughing. “I’m working all day tomorrow as well. Ill see you guys Monday.” A long moan was emitted from the kids as they finally departed the enormous house and marched home, conversing about what they learned that day. Ray’s wife, Lauren,  approached Ray as her heavenly smile turned to a sorrowful frown. “You shouldn’t risk those kids’ lives just to tell them a couple more stories. You know what day it is today.” She insisted.

“Its fine. You should follow my advice and not be afraid, remember? Fear. It’s a choice. Our mind creates our fear and-”

“Yeah yeah.” Lauren interrupted with a playful grin. “Fear is just something our minds makes based on what we know and think. Blah blah blah. I don’t need your advice after all these years i’ve been married to you, you know? Although there are still some things you’re afraid of, no matter what you think..”

“Like what?” Ray nervously responded, puzzled while he began to walk to the windows with rectangular, wooden boards. He gradually started nailing the boards to the windows, blocking any entrances. “Like losing me right?” Lauren giggled while holding up the other side of the board while he nailed. Ray glanced for a moment, and then snickered as if he had really thought about it. “Not a chance. Losing you is impossible.” He stated.

“I guess that is what people are really afraid of then… Being wrong.” She whispered with such grief, her lips seemed to carry deadly poison.


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