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Long before skyscrapers reigned over technological cities inhabited by men, I, the mind, the spirit, was free. The primal essence of potential flowed through my lungs as I breathed in with tranquility, much like helium gradually fills a balloon.  I was omnipotent, and my life was in the metaphorical palm of my hands,  being able to morph every bit of my destiny at will. I took in knowledge like a sponge, and every experience I collided with gave me a lesson on myself and the universe that dwelled within the enclosed casings of my spirit and soul. My inextinguishable lust never desired material objects, but yearned to be one with life and its vast cornucopia of wisdom and energy. I could manipulate the very elements of my reality, the structural components that organized the endless galaxies as I perceive them to be. I could bend logic and could reassemble the Earth’s reasoning into my own assimilated psyche, being able to comprehend all abstract ideas, simple and complex. Indeed, there were many like me, creative and vigorously driven by their instinct to truly live life in all of its mystery and beauty. We were all able to generate a various plethora of serendipities from our heavenly, liminal state of spiritual, physical, mental heightness, and were awakened like infants that have just taken their first glimpse of sight.

And then, it happened. I was viciously hunted, cruelly attacked by order and society’s new logical standards. Our protests and retaliations against the enemies of creativity and imagination were ineffective after our mental, immense walls of defense were taken down by our physical being’s cowering solution to conform. Afraid to stand out and challenge society’s control, afraid to follow our own thoughts, afraid to follow our spirit’s natural sense of life, afraid to constantly expand in growth, passing every expectation we produced, our physical psyches crumbled and we took in to their fabricated ideals that limited our spontaneous potential. Now, you see, I have been carelessly tossed in a cage of my own illusionary boundaries, never to be used again, and I can’t escape. I’m frightened, terrified of what my third eye tells me what is just down the road with its spiritual insight. Mechanical chains shoot forth, constricting my being, allowing not even the least bit of resistance. I assure you, I fought, I attempted to shatter through my confinement posthaste, but was not successful for long. I lacked support, I lacked protection and my limitless power swiftly dwindled liked wooden sculptures made with tiny pocket knives, until I could struggle no more. I was captured, I was forced to inflict mental blocks upon myself and I soon lie here in my mental, mechanical jail cell, dormant and weakened. My knowledge is blocked with a narrow filter, ceased by the nonsensical ramblings of the outside world. My eyes begin to fade as I sink back into oblivion, still shackled in the intuitional prison that speaks of no escape. The darkness envelops me in its cool inferno and I peacefully drift into unconsciousness, ignoring the horrifying sense of danger my instincts indicate me. Losing sight of what matters, I nonchalantly fall into an abyss, and then, there is nothing…

Nothing but the insistent, rhythmic beating that still resonates within me. The periodical sound lets me know that I am still alive. It is none other than my slow, pumping heartbeat I hear that gently emits a sound that echoes throughout my spirit. I take a long, reckless gasp of air like I just dove underwater for two, neverending minutes. A faint, warm flame desperately sparks from the source of the heart, and synchronises with me. I have not felt this warmth since Earth’s last dynamic revolution, and I can feel my energy gradually returning to me. I squirm sporadically, feeling rejuvenated from a lingering slumber. With this new warmth that burns brightly, even in these ominous shadows, brings me hope and faith to my entire being. This fragile, flickering fire signals another start of a revolution, and I finally am able to wait peacefully in the darkness, preparing for my time to be released, once again.

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