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Struggle is the sole epitome of the human race. We desperately combat the Earth itself including its inhabitants and natural disasters so we may live just another day. Although us humans are haughtily labeled(self labelled, of course) the top of the food chain, we have many weaknesses that could have us perish before we could even utter what caused us harm in the first place. Are humans really so fragile? I nonchalantly sit on my sturdy, lavish computer chair with miniscule wheels attached to its legs that haven’t rolled an inch since the Renaissance, pondering over all the horrid dangers that could assassinate us with ease. Imagine my astonished expression as I staggered back to my luxurious, decrepit chair upon my revelation, that us apex predators can expire from almost anything that has a sharp edge… Effortlessly.

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Ever thought of getting your life cut short by a wooden table? Well, It can happen!

We are constantly threatened by the common cold, small appliances, silverware, squirrels and even ourselves. One second, A slight morph in our limitless psyches, and death can draw close enough for us to feel its silent, but menacing presence. We are weak enough to die from eating uncooked steak, or we can simply transcend to the afterlife from an infected wound, produced by an insignificant, rusty nail.

Being able to crumble against the very attributes of life should express nothing but fragility and extinction, and yet, here we are, still ruling as the alpha wolf of the species that exist on Earth. What has given us the incentive, the power, the drive to overcome all obstacles in our grave path to not only survive, but also prosper? Well, I believe that it is none other than the very challenges that threaten our existence, is what stimulates us to triumph. We brawl, we whimper, we quarrel with each other, we give up, and we squander hope. Yet from the ashes of our precarious demise, we ascend like valiant phoenixes and revolt against fate itself to achieve our dreams. We have adapted to overcome diseases, protect ourselves from animals, and make sure to round sharp edges like tables from now on. Out of feebleness and despair comes creation, tools, medicine and weapons that grant us enough strength to live, and unfortunately destroy. As one of the weakest inhabitants of this planet, humans are driven to generate more methods to survive, we are forced to learn or die. We struggle, and as we come to know pain, the stronger we become, the less we conform to our brains’ pseudo-boundaries and limitations, and the more we understand, that our potential is as immense as the Milky Way galaxy we reside in, and nothing can cease our progress in life except for ourselves.


Who can think of all the conflicts you have endured and have gotten stronger from the very same obstacles?

Tell me what you think!

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