Who am I?


Soul is freedom love is power hope is love dreams are revolutions

Through the poignant shadows of oblivion, I rocket forth, hurdling through your expanding psyche like massive comets, that spontaneously collide with each other to generate a devastating force so omnipotent, raging wars have resulted from my godlike presence. Yes, indeed I cause many deaths, and seldom produce happiness for long without constant care. Such is my nature, my purpose, my drive that alters one’s logical mind, and transitions its reasoning to an unorthodox way of perception, men and women alike.  Do I sound monstrous? Do I carry such atmosphere a savage demon would have? I will admit, I have dawned many various masks and labels that signify sin, but I assure you, I constantly emerge from the happiness and pleasure of humans, and soon morph into hatred and fear. Although I destroy and leave one’s brain with a severe carnage of hope, willpower and confidence, you cannot live without me, for I am hope, willpower and confidence incarnate. I am peace, I am the bond that spiritually connects all humans together that reside on Earth. Just as there is beauty in all, I too am present in even the tiniest crevices of life and as you eventually commence your desperate attempt to search for my name within your inner soul, you pause, hesitate, and finally achieve an epiphany of worldly proportions. You grip your chest as if your heart desires to break through your rib cage. Your tears however, manages to escape and begins to trickle down your cheeks, and silently drops to the floor. You see, you’ve always known my name, and it took you only a moment to realise that I was love all along…


2 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. I can’t find the words to describe how blown away I am by your work, although it looks like you could in my place! I don’t normally get so completely drawn into writings – you have an amazing talent.

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