Education and knowledge


My different thoughts about education and school:


     What is education, really? Does it just pertain to the subjects that the nonchalant teachers attempt to drill into our craniums until their lessons are second nature to us? Is it just the level of school one has achieved so far in their lives? There are many kinds of education that people know and value today, but to me, it seems that education is always confused with, and far different from knowledge. I am educated, because I am able to regurgitate the very teachings I have heard from my instructor only about a million times before, and eventually removes the lesson from my brain for next year’s math and reading classes. Knowledge is learned, and then used in life. Knowledge is not just a formula or fact that is kept inside one’s subconscious, and abandoned there for eternity, but a continuing process of using what we’ve learned to understand, and apply in life.

     I believe the most optimum method of education is self education, where one ventures through various experiences in life and learns from them. Even if one is told the meaning of life, or how to get a six pack in six seconds, or what time the sun will rise periodically, how can they truly know it if they do not experience it? Although it depends on the person, our logic is generated, manipulated, and adjusted by our environment. While school does indeed teach me many different things, I constantly view this system of education as a conveyer belt, manufactured to produce the same category of people that society wants us to be. A structured facility where it can gradually take away one’s creativity and imagination, and only leaves with them… education.

     Going through school, I began to be uninterested in anything pertaining to the subjects they wanted to teach me. Calculus, chemistry, physics and computer programming. Do I really have an attention disorder if I can’t help but daydream when my teacher tries to tell us what mathematical limits are used for? I mean, when anyone isn’t interested in a topic, they don’t want to listen, do they?  For me, school was more about controlling and conditioning rather than actually teaching. They would always tell me that only certain jobs could help me survive in this kind of world. “College is key to being successful.” My teachers would utter every time they would get a chance, which they rarely had since I would manage to escape their grasp every occurrence.

     I’m not saying school isn’t favorable for everybody. I am merely saying school isn’t favorable for everybody… Let me explain. If one wishes to become a biologist, chemist, or anything thing that involves many years of school, I have no complaints. But I do not believe that everyone must choose any of these careers that require school to survive economically and emotionally. Many people have forgotten about what they really wanted to do in life because of society’s propaganda. I witnessed my friends’ ideas who was once filled with so much imagination and creativity transform into a shapeless, bland blob who only knew how to repeat what a teacher had taught them and would never use in life. Going through such uniform education systems, I fear that many people will be the same not because they want to be, but because that is what they were told to do to give them the highest chance of being happy.

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I believe letting people go through their own paths and not making them all squeeze through one crowded road, we will have more thinkers, more talents, more fun and less people diagnosed with ADHD. Follow your true aspirations. Before you were told about currency, before you were told about which jobs would be in demand soon. Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you needed to be?

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These were really just my thoughts. Tell me what you think!

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