I think, therefore it is



I awoke this morning to a rattling alarm clock, which I quickly discarded by unplugging the rude, rambunctious contraption with a swift tug. “No one needs to prioritize time that much, right?” And that’s when a sudden thought occurred to me. I rose from my mattress like a gallant hero standing on top a platoon of defeated soldiers, and peered into the ceiling as if I could gaze through the roof made of plaster and shingles, and could witness the heavens itself. I  asked the world, what is “real”? Does time really exist, or is it merely an idea that a man created when he realized that the sun and moon appears in the same, constant pattern? Time, like most concepts that not only revolves around the Earth, but the gargantuan galaxy and more, is man-made. Yet, if another human rejects the theory, the ones who believe the idea considers he or she is delusional. Is one not facing reality if he or she doesn’t believe in another man’s belief?As I tossed and turned in my cozy bed sheets, attempting to ignore all the clocks that resided in my house, I arrived to the true source of my confusion. What makes reality, reality? Why does everyone have so many views of life? The world is occupied by a plethora of optimists, pessimists, pacifists, and more unique individuals that also perceive the universe in contrast from others. What makes us so different from each other? I waited and waited for an epiphany to shoot forth, and grant me with other worldly wisdom, but all I received was a text message from a friend that told me I was late for school, which was knowledge I was already well aware of after my revolt against time. And then, it finally dawned upon me. Although many have similar views on topics like money, power and love, our brains and personalities are never the same. I began to experiment and whip my own theory up from the depths of my lair (my bedroom): Our minds create our reality! As our eyes attempt to discern imagination from reality, our minds simultaneously and unknowingly manage the same feat. Somewhere, buried deep into the tiniest crevices of our psyches, logic and perception emerge from the information that we subconsciously compile based on each of our experiences and senses. We literally generate our own reality with our thoughts and beliefs! A pessimist may always perceive life as a depressing nightmare and a waste of energy, only because he or she believes so. A person who thinks very religiously will soon witness many miracles in his hopeful eyes. Even though this concept is also man-made, I guess Rene Descartes could be right on many levels when he stated, “I think, therefore I am.”images Just as one’s immune system weakens when one is depressed, the different hues and shades of life we witness entirely resides on ourselves. And so, my advice to you, is to think carefully next time you journey through life. Whether you believe Mr. Descartes or not, be as confident as you can, follow your goals and never give up. Question everything until you feel that you have found your true answer. Create your own reality. Beware of your thoughts. Because the mind is both a very dangerous and powerful tool we can use to fulfill our wildest dreams or destroy ourselves, and watch as our own perceptions collapse in on us from within.

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