The Life of Dexter K. King: The Rise


Ever felt that you were always destined for something bigger? Well, that enigmatic feeling is the epitome of eighteen year old Dexter K. King. With a father who has mysteriously been missing for eight years and a mother barely ever seen at home, Dexter is an aspiring anomaly, yet forced to live a mundane and orthodox life thronged with attending high school classes he despises, silently observing his unrequited love from afar with no avail and no signs of progression, and practicing martial arts with a dream of using his strength to impact the world for the better and leave his legacy for history to teach the many generations to come. Suddenly, Dexter’s perception of the world as well as his perception of himself violently crumbles before him when a couple of intimidating men in expensive suits visit his home, demanding that he reveals where his mother is. What would these kinds of men want with Dexter’s mother? Well, it turns out that Dexter’s father was really the leader of a powerful and ruthless criminal gang, and after recently dying, his remaining family must also be eradicated so their secrets can continue to be concealed-as noted in their organization’s creed. So what does Dexter do to avoid the death of himself and his mother? He takes the place of his father and joins the gang of course! And thus, Dexter’s metamorphic journey into the deep abyss known as fate begins. This road into oblivion is grave, instilled with murder, grief, regret and betrayal, and yet, this path is also infused with life, love, happiness, and the truth-two sides of the same coin. Welcome to the Okami, a pack of bloodthirsty wolves that reign over the underworld with staggering authority, a merciless band of warriors that claim power as their only divine ruler, a triumphant troupe of soldiers that create an orchestra of chaos and destruction wherever they choose to roam, and the leader of them all, Dexter King.

After much preparation, devotion and faith, my Magnum Opus is finally complete and the legacy of a modern king begins. The Life of Dexter K. King: The Rise, which follows the story of a young man as he is forced to take his father’s place in the vast and violent criminal underworld, and commences his metamorphic, philosophical journey into the fathomless abyss known as his destiny, is out in stores such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more!




Everything eventually draws to a climax and begins anew. Likewise, bliss is temporal-a fleeting moment that we yearn to keep as long as we can accrue, and yet it is as ubiquitous as the atmosphere the encompasses the Earth, as the millions of stars that blanket the universe, and as perpetual as time itself. At certain instances, we may not sense or see these feelings like love an happiness, we believe them to not exist, but this is not true. They are forever present. So are suffering and calamity, life and death, rage and inner peace; they all swirl around into a vicious typhoon rattling one’s psyche and disturbing one’s soul, making one forget the truth that they already knew. That blissful moment we yearn to hold on to is when we are at peace with our present, peace with ourselves, and to want nothing more than the present moment to continue. We feel as though the divine powers that govern reality have just synchronized with our own energy to give us this moment. We feel as though our dreams can actually come true, that perhaps we are on the right track to having our lives in some semblance of order. Sometimes the moment doesn’t mean everything is surreptitiously happening in one’s favor, but one is still at peace with the present. Sometimes it can last a week, a month, a year, or just a mere second. It doesn’t matter how long really. Because when that moment is stripped from you, the pain is catastrophic and suffering replaces the void no matter how long you are able to spend in its bliss and peace. It’s one of the hardest things to go through, and some are unable to enter that blissful moment ever gain. Some forget it even exists, and it’s not anything can prove. The key to living life is to constantly be at peace. That’s how we prosper, how we become better than ourselves, and yet become exactly who we truly are. Some imagine it inconceivable, and for them, it probably is. But energy like love are never destroyed, they simply change forms. That moment you enter isn’t just the present, but it is also being in control of your spiritual and physical self, your true self. We find the energy we’ve thought we’ve lost as it is always with us, we must realize that we are not our minds, our feelings, our our bodies. They are tools that we use to reach our potential rather than them using us. All things end, pain exists, but we must not let it control us, or blind us from the fact that although things begin and end, the love that we have will never disappear.




My hefty eyelids struggled to unlatch as if they were locked shut without a key nor pick in sight.

As they finally managed to open, I found myself lying in a desolate dark beach with the sky above, completely devoid of light.

I gasp for oxygen and cry like a new born babe just given life. I shove my fists into the sand below me attempting to stand, the coarse grains of black as onyx gathering in my fingers as I clutch tight.

Stranded alone in a barren wasteland shrouded in tragedy, I roar my feelings of despair into the palms of my hand and collapse back to ground due to lack of might,

Suddenly, I hear sound faint at first, then quickly increasing in increments like a thousand buzzing bees beginning to take flight.

A shimmering dark-blue radiance then appears like a nuclear explosion enveloping everything my eyes I can see in a glowing cobalt hue, with a tinge of white.

 I marvel in its luminescent beauty as it brought me out of oblivion, out of eternal darkness itself, it gives me solace, it gives me purpose it gives me the strength to fight.

I rise like a pluming flame ravenously feeding off vast vegetation as it grows stronger throughout the night.

I stagger shiftlessly towards my only friend, the matrix of my departure from stagnation, the end of the beginning, the beginning of the end, the future is not written in stone, and I will have my own future to write.

My own soul that shines bright, my own story to tell, my own destiny to be made, my own to lovers to delight, my own sacrifices to sell, my own memories to fade, and my own beliefs that I must create in my own rite.

I run through the shallow shores still searching for the source of light wading through the waters free of worry, free of my own control, free of fright.

The dazzling radiance guides me into the center of the ocean, a blue orb awaits me there twinkling like a tiny star at my height.

It gently descends into my hands like a fluttering feather spiraling from left, to right.

I feel the orb’s warmth resonate throughout my being, its familiar heat evokes a nostalgic presence within me, making my own soul ignite.

These are my past lives, my experiences over a millennia that has given me so much insight.

My thoughts begin to orbit around within my own psyche like a satellite, my body begins to radiate its own heat, I can feel blood in my veins, I can feel my increasing body’s Fahrenheit.

Without my past, without my purpose, without my light, I am but a shallow husk of the fruit that I was destined to be, my roots affect by the blight, but I mast save my destiny just as a princess is always rescued by a knight.



Dazzling stars scattered across the universe radiate throughout the night sky,

like wandering souls wading in a pitch-black river of a million streams.

Light illuminates more brilliantly when the enthralling darkness is in constant supply,

and just as the enigmatic universe outside our perception bares a myriad of wonders, life is never what it seems.

We wish upon a falling star, and in the back of our minds we wonder why,

we place our hope on a fleeting meteor so it may carry out our dreams.

But to reach our goals we must do more, we must believe in ourselves, we must try.

We must fight, we must persevere, we must work so arduous that we tear reality itself at the seams.

To make our aspirations come true, it’s do or die, don’t succumb to fear, don’t be shy, “a life without living is not a life at all,” that’s words to live by.

But not everyone’s destiny can come to fruition as a person’s mission to success is built on a thousand other people’s screams.

The world is filled with monsters commonly known as humans, not all our crowns make us kings, not all of our voices make us sing, and not all of our wings are made to fly.

A conqueror reigns supreme, deems what is history, what is good and evil, they separate us as if we are different teams.

We kill each other believing in one person’s truth while following another person’s lie

and in the end, we all fall into the conqueror’s schemes.

Dazzling stars littered across the night sky like roaming souls lost in time.

A penny for your thoughts, a dime for your mind, happiness is ubiquitous, but no one can find.

From the start, the source of light that shines through the confines of my heart, was from the ambition to create a legacy I can be proud of before my physical shrine begins to fall apart.

A legacy that’s mine, one that impacts the Earth in such a way people will realize that there is a fine line between what is real and what we each believe in. That each of our beliefs are different shades of the same reality, and as long as we continue to just see through one or a few shades, we will always be blind.

Good and Bad


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As I gaze up into the boundless ocean of the cosmos, teeming and swimming with rocketing asteroids, monolithic stars and the ubiquitous enigma of the universe, my mind replays scenes of my life like a video player in a constant phase with no end.

It sifts through my assorted memories of serendipitous moments of joy that I cherish more than gold, tragedies locked away in a cage like trapped beasts, and regrets that haunt me like spectral apparitions never giving me a moment’s reprieve.

Still stuck in a daze with my psyche unable to mend the broken remnants of my perception, as if I’m in a dream but don’t know it yet.

The melancholy from these thoughts surge throughout my body like a virulent virus causing a vicious infection, but doesn’t show it yet.

I’m lost within this maze without an answer, I roar into the sky with a clenched fist. When “good” and “bad” are as arbitrary as “life” and “living,” does a good person even exist?

The existential hues of reality blend together in a perfect polymerization to create the infinite spectrum of colors rather than black, white and shades of grey.

Good and bad are nothing but values given by society’s standards and culture in a given day.

While human drones stay assembled in cues follow the next craze in mass strays ignorant to the elite’s manipulative motives, one can see right and wrong are merely used to justify each of our actions as our perceptions, based on experience, individual essence and the environment, see fit.

Surely there must be an axiom of some sort that dictates what is good and bad as genuine, but what would one have to do, have to say? I mean, if I gave money to the homeless, didn’t kill anyone, and said, “Please” and “Thank you” all my life, would I be a good person?

If I vowed to be a pacifist respected all beliefs, and found inner peace while the rest of the world descended into chaos and war?

If I vanquished legions of my enemies in the name of peace and freedom for most, dooming the rest who don’t support my views to damnation?

If I desecrate countless ecosystems, forests and oceans in hopes of expanding civilization, and advancing cures, enhancements, communication and progress for all mankind?

If I truly desired the better for all life in the world including the planet itself, but did nothing to actually aid in the cause?

And What would be better for all life?

Delving further down the narrow trenches of my soul, further down the rabbit hole, I realize that concepts like right and wrong only exist within those who give substance and power to these words. There is no good and bad, justice and injustice, right and wrong, and it’s this thought that brings me such melancholy.

For in the absence of universal beliefs, morals or meaning, we are forced to make our own not knowing whether we are doing right or wrong.

There is no higher purpose in this life, yet we are tasked with giving our lives a higher purpose, there is no meaning in life except for the meaning you inject into your own life

We struggle to find meaning, to find solace, to find freedom of the pernicious influences of society’s apocryphal views, to find our own way.

We wage wars with others who possess different beliefs so that we might be convinced that ours are true, and they ultimately believe to be holy doctrine.

But amidst the mass of mankind, there are those that still understand the truth, that we’re all aimlessly attempting to find our way that we know we must make ourselves, that we must accept each other’s views while following our own. In the end We make our own stories, heroes and villains, and you choose what role you want to be in.



I am a king thronged with many voices of the world lost

I wear my soul on my body like a ring, choices in life always have a cost

Ideals created by humankind lives through stories that people sing conveying

their higher purpose in the universe that we are able to work toward, a new way of life

where everyone can move forward in peace without chaos or strife.

I am but a King who rules over no man woman or child, but royalty still

my rapier intellect as sharp as a knife, no weapon ever created can go against my will

Thunderstorms rain over the psyche spreading through the rivulets of my brain

Memories stay on the window pane like a staid that can never truly be eradicated

No matter how feint a trace. We abstain from the messages received within



A force like Thunder and lightning blends together in perfect harmony

to create a spark of something new within my brainstorms

a matrix of knowledge that comes frothing out the top with a cacophony of sounds

Overflowing, I feel an abundance of insane forms of energy surging throughout my body

I am a thousand rainstorms, i see life in shades of infinite hues,

I hear the tiny hums that buzzes of all living things

I follow clues from decripted dreams that unfold into reality

My soul sings as I hear echoes of our ancestors that carries on the winds of the evening breeze

Pain forms on the outskirts of our body and breeches into our mind

Through the harm in me I see what drives me foward, I seek to find,

The true destiny that plays in my mind in Sporadic outbursts urging me toward

My fate. What am i looking for? Brainstorms occur in my psyche.

It strikes down with thoughts and roars with ideas

It rampages through good and evil like houses in a tornado.

I realize that everyone is just like me

I realize light shines down for some but who’s to say it might be me.

Ethereal Energy combusts within my soul but who’s to say my destiny

isn’t just the test in me i gave myself to have a purpose

I realize life may just be life with subtle meanings hidden underneath the surface

I know everything is born with a service

I know life is more than a purchase. Of purses, cars and curses upon others that don’t fit in our circle

Life is a hurdle, a rollercoaster, creates a turtle when one

Tries to open themselves to others so much that we are terrified in

Our sisters’ and brothers’ precense. The matrix of evil is ignorance

The fall of mankind is that we think everything we do can be justified.

That we are destined to do the things we do or we must do suicide.

They invade my brain like sand filling an hourglass

Like a water balloon being filled till they burst

They make you believe you won’t survive unless you’re first

The power passes through everyone like connected trains

But they Won’t think of you until you’re in a hearse.

What am I fighting for? Brainstorms play their role

Society tries to make us docile but i can never be controlled

Maybe mentally but never in my soul

Never in what i take pride in, never in spirit

My conscience is the only one I confide in. My problems, only they will hear it

Dreams are visions into the future of you work for it, and the fears you have, you are the only reason who will fear it.

These are just brainstorms in my soul that tries to fill a bowl of truths i seek to find but like rainstorms the truths are complex to their design. But in time i will refine my intellect to know the knowledge i desire. I will not be controlled, i will not be distracted and i will not be deterred from my goals. My brainstorms will keep me on my turbulent path to my dream, and yet they will be an apparatus for others to follow their own. We are all brainstorms colliding with each other, ideas clashing against one another, but they can form together to become stronger.